Dagaal Hadda kadhacay Dagmada Mandheera.{Akhriso]

Dagaal culus ayaa kadhacay dagmooyin kamida mandheera ee Gobalka Gedo kaas oo dhexmaray Ciidmada Dawlada Somaliya iyo kooxda Alshabaab

Sida wararku sheegayaan ayaa Dagaalkanu yimid kadib markii ay ciidmada dawladu weerareen dagmada Baarmacalin oo Alshabaab kawaday ururinta xoolaha Sakawaadka

Saraakiisha Dowlada ee jooga Baardheere ayaa sheegay in howlgalkan ay fuliyeen ka dib cabasho ka timid dadka degaanka oo la xiriirtay xoolo ay sheegeen in Al-shabaab ay qasab uga qaateen.

Masuuliyiin ka tirsan maamulka gobolka Gedo ayaa sheegay in dagaalkan Al-shabaab looga dilay qiyaastii toban nin, lagana soo soo celiyey xoolo fara badan oo ay sheegeen iney dhaceen.

Al-shabaab ayaa dhinacooda sheegay iney iska caabiyeen weerarka kaga yimid ciidamada dowlada, Mana jiraan warar madax banaan oo ka waramaya khasaaraha ka dhasha

|| Warbaahinta WidhWidh Online News Desk ||

-- Nagala soo xariir :

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