Hirshabele regional administration appointed Teenager as deputy district commissioner

Faysal Abdullahi Omar, 16 years old, studying 4th class of Secondary school in jowhar, Capital of Hirshabele regional administration was appointed as deputy of district commissioner.

Faysal told KNN that he was appointed by the interior minister of Hirshabeele and he was not informed before the issuing his assigning degree.

The teenager Said he has not attend the class in days because of fear from Al-shabaab, he Also said that he cannot afford to be as deputy commissioner of Ganbole, newly named a district in middle Shabele region.

Ganbole is controlled by Al-shabaab, the Al-Qacidda linked terrorist group in Somalia, and it is one of the main centers of Al-shabab in middle Shabele, Government troops seized two weeks ago and they retreated back, Al-shabaab come again and Ganbole is in the hands of Al-shabaab.

Faysal refused to hold the post of deputy district Commissioner of Community affairs and he said that he will resign the coming days.

It is the first time appointed a teenager as deputy district commissioner in Somalia, there is no comment from Hirshabele officials.

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