Kenya Police place $8000 bounty on Eight Al-Shabaab terrorists


Mogadishu  – Kenya Police on Thursday placed $8000 bounty on eight Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The eight, who are all believed to be of Somali-origin are suspected to be planning to execute terror attacks inside Kenya.

In a statement, Kenya’s Director of Communication, Charles Wahongo said the individuals were training in Al-Shabaab camps inside Somalia.

The eight are; Issack Alio Mohamed, Rahim Mohamed Sheikh, Bishar Hared Hussein and Bashie Adan Osman Kulo, Abdirashid Ibrahim Osman Noor, Siyat Ibrahim Abdullahi, Abdi Ahmed Ibrahim and Mohamed Muhumed Ahmed.

” Terrorists are wanted for attacks carried out in Kenya and currently have plans to attack Kenya.They are believed to have entered Kenya from neighbouring  Somalia,” said Wahonga.

He noted that the police have thwarted several terror attempts by these individuals in the past.

The group which is divided into two section is headed by two other Kenyans, according to Wahongo.

“Some of them are led by Isak Okola who is suspected to be in Borubirdeso in Somalia, which is close to Elwak town. Another group is led by Ali Dere who occasionally lives in Khadija Haji town in Somalia situated near Mandera town,” Wahongo.

In another statement, Police Spokesman Charles Owino said that police have already arrested a female terror suspect, Habiba Omar Ali, who was found in possession of five AK- 47 rifles and a large cache of ammunition.

Ali is a wife of the wanted terrorist, Mahad Isaack Abdille.

Mahad is a key Al-Shabaab link to persons in Madera County.

The man is suspected to be crossed into Mandera twice in the last three months.

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