Somali, AU troops clash with Al shabaab

Somali army forces backed by African Union troops from Djiboutian contingent have clashed with Al Shabaab militants in Jalalaqsi town of Hiran region.

The fighting flared up when al Shabaab militants launched an attack on a military base manned by Somali and Djiboutian troops in the town, triggering a fierce gun battle, a witness said.

He says the coalition forces repulsed the attack.

It remains unclear how many were killed in the fighting.

The allied forces conducted a joint operation in villages of the town, after the attack.

Neither the coalition forces’ officials nor al Shabaab commented on the skirmish.

al Shabaab, an al Qaeda linked group, which wants to topple the weak-western backed government of Somalia.

The group carried out similar attacks for the past weeks.

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