Jubaland has now three presidents after former Madobe comrade elected ‘president’ of Jubbaland

Former Ras Kamboni Brigade co-founder and close ally of current  elected Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe, Abdinasir Seraar has also been elected  ‘president’ of Jubbaland by people opposing the current elected president of Jubaland.

The newly elected president will make Jubaland to have three presidents. This will further complicate the situation in Jubland and possible proxy war between Kenya and Ethiopia and civil war between different calns in Jubland.Ads By GoogleSeraar who fought alongside with Madobe in the then Ras Kamboni and later Ras Kamboni Movement said Friday he was elected  president to Jubland to save the situation’ following the heavily contested polls in Jubbaland.

“I was not planning (to make the declaration) but it was necessitated by the need to lead the region in the right direction,” said Seraar. “The decision lies with the people of Jubbaland.”

Seraar who was among the candidates who initially registered to contest in the presidential poll caused a stir at Kismayo airport in May when his militias who accompanied him reportedly declined to disarm.

Madobe was overwhelmingly voted in Wednesday garnering 56 out of the possible 73 votes by the newly elected Jubbaland parliament. The Federal Government in Mogadishu dismissed his election as a nullity as Kenya congratulated him and assured support.

Seraar who controls a private militia earlier served as Jubbaland spokesperson.

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