Renovated Mogadishu Stadium to reopen early 2020- Sports Minister

The newly renovated Mogadishu Stadium which had until August 2018 served as AMISOM military base will reopen for sports use early next year, Sports Minister Khadija Diriye has said.

Speaking during a tour of the 65,000-sitter stadium which is now nearing completion, Diriye said the stadium will reopen early next year upon approval by the international sports body FIFA.

“We are waiting for FIFA’s approval of FIFA to complete the renovation,” the minister said.

The African Union troops left the stadium last August after ten years during which time it used it as a base in its battle against Al-Shabaab which it successfully managed to push out from Mogadishu in 2011.
The stadium was built in 1978 through sponsorship by the Chinese government and became one of the most iconic sports facilities in the country.

The renovation works are funded by the Norwegian government.

The completion and reopening of the facility coupled with improving security and stability in Somalia will allow the country to host international sports events including regional football matches which Somalia has had to play return matches in foreign countries.

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