Farmaajo leads nation in mourning death of architect of Somali unity in 1960 Ahmed Duale

President Mohamed Farmaajo has condoled with the family of the former independence minister and champion of the unification of the north and southern Somalia in 1960 Ahmed Kayse Hali Duale who passed on in the US last week.

In a telephone call to the family, the President hailed Duale as patriot for his devotion to the ‘unity of his country and its people.”

Duale died on January 8 in Tucson, Arizona in the US where he had been living. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a memorial service Saturday for the later minister who served in the first cabinet in charge of the Agriculture portfolio.

Duale is among the four prominent leaders who spearheaded the unification of the northern regions with the southern regions to establish the Somali Republic on 1 July 1960.

Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad, said at the memorial ceremony that the deceased Ahmed-Kayse Haji Duale was a ‘brilliant diplomat who served with loyalty and dedication country, as he was one of the four Somali freedom fighters who united the northern region with the south after their independence from the British and Italian colonialists.’

Speaking at the same ceremony, Mohamed Arteh Ghalib (MP) paid glowing tribute to Duale noting he will be immortalized in the ‘golden corridors of Somali histor

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