Somali spy agency cracks Shabaab IED ring in Mogadishu

  • Somali intelligence agency, NISA has burst an Al-Shabaab explosives ring in Mogadishu averting an attack by the militants intending to use the explosives.

The agency displayed the assortment of explosives making elements including cables, several bottles of liquids, batteries and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs).
“In a coordinated operation between January 26 and 28th of this month, a cell of Al-Shabaab was discovered and explosives seized,” the agency said in a twitter post.

The video posted by the agency on Twitter shows the assortment of explosives making devices among cable connectors.

The discovery of the explosives was a major shot by the security agencies who have been following up leads to infiltrate the terror network in the city.

A similar operation in early 2019 led to seizure of several weapons and bomb making elements in Elasha Biya area in Mogadishu.

The cache had been buried underground

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