U.S reads the riot act on Somali leaders, calls for renewed talks between FGS and FMS

The U.S has called on Somali Federal Government and the Federal Member States to re-engage following close to three years of sour relations in what is perhaps the U.S’ strongest rebuke of pf the Somali administration.

In a stern statement Wednesday, the U.S ambassador in Mogadishu Donald Yamamoto said Somali leaders both at Federal and State level must put their act together and re-commit themselves ‘to defeat al-Shabaab and reestablish governance, security, and prosperity for all Somalis.’
“A reenergized process of dialogue and compromise will be necessary on all sides to address security challenges for the good of Somalia,” a statement from the U.S embassy read in part.

Noting that his government was committed to supporting Somalia, Yamamoto said it was imperative that Somali leaders at Federal and State level engage to bolster reconciliation, political reconciliation and long-term stability of Somalia.

“We implore the Federal Government of Somalia, the Federal Member States, Parliament, and all relevant stakeholders to work together to establish security and to ensure credible elections in 2020/1,” Yamamoto said.

Yamamoto’s statement comes amid heightened political disputes between the Federal Government and some federal member state leaders notably Jubbaland and Puntland.

A Federal Government supported electoral process last week led to the election of a Prime Minister Hassan Khaire’s former minister and ally Ahmed Kariye Qoorqoor and former Villa Somalia employee, Ali Dahir Eid.

The U.S hailed Qoorqoor’s election as most members of the international community went mum amid controversies which saw some three candidates pull out and Alhu Sunna elect their own ‘president’.

But the US Wednesday urged all parties to ‘negotiate in good faith, resist the temptation to act as spoilers, and avoid destabilizing the political process in any way’.

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