Mogadishu city employee gets 3 years in jail for previous Shabaab membership

A military court in Mogadishu sentenced to three years a city administration official for former membership of the outlawed militant group Al-Shabaab.

The court found Nur Ali Ahmed aka Mahad Alle, who until his sentencing was the acting director of the Department of Labour in Banaadir Regional Administration guilty of Al-Shabaab membership.

The court held that Mahad Ale did not disclose his previous affiliation to the terrorist group when applying for the job of a director at BRA.
According to court documents, Alle was arrested following the BRA headquarters in attack in July 2018 which killed city mayor Abdirahman Yarisow and at least seven other senior officials.

It was not however clear when Alle was appointed to the position by the city administration.

The prosecution in today’s also argued that Alle had not undergone the government run rehabilitation of Al-Shabaab defectors before continuing with life as an ex- terrorist.

Meanwhile the same court acquitted another suspect, Abdullahi Abdirahman Mohamed also associated with the BRA attack.

Mohamed is the sister of the female suicide bomber, Basiira Abdi Mohamed who detonated the suicide vest during the attack.

Basiira, who was reportedly blind and was hired by mayor Yarisow as part of affirmative action to include disabled people in the city governance was identified by police as responsible for detonating the bomb during a meeting chaired by the mayor.

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