GANG RAPE AND MURDER: 75 camels secure release of death row convict in ’blood money’ pact

A man who was sentenced to death for gang rape and murder of a 12 year old girl in Puntland last year has been released in a ’blood money’ deal with the family of the victim.

Abdisalan Abdirahman was released Thursday from death row after his family and that of 12 year old Aisha Aden who was gang raped and brutally murdered reached a pact to save his life.

His brother was executed two weeks ago alongside the third convict.
Family sources confirmed to HOL the agreement between the two families which which involved an initial payment of $25,000 which is equivalent to 50 camels. One camel is estimated to cost $500. ’Blood money’ is an age-old practice among Somali clans as a form of reparation for murder.

The remaining 25 camels will be given to the victim’s family in three months, the source said.

Abdisalan was spared death last week after his family petitioned Aisha’s family to spare him and the two sides are reported to have agreed to let one of the brothers be executed.

According to sources privy to the case which went up to the Supreme Court for appeal, Abdisalan had consistently maintained he was not party to the offense.

However DNA evidence pinned him to the gang rape and gory murder of the 12 year old in Galkaayo last February.

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