Banaadir judge urges government to build detention centres for juvenile suspects

 Banaadir Regional Court judge Muse Moalim Mohamed has called on the government to build juvenile detention centres noting it was improper to keep underage suspects with adults.
Ads By GoogleNoting that children were capable of committing offences just as adults, Mohamed said they should not be kept in the same place as adults.

“Children can commit crimes just like adults but it is not good to hold them in the same place as adults,” said Mohamed. “The government should build  separate detention centres for children.”

For many years in Somalia, juvenile offenders have not only been held in the same centres as adults but also tried in some cases by military courts.

The UN and EU have previously called on authorities in Somalia to provide sepárate judicial mechanisms for children.

A UN report in 2018 noted that underage suspects arrested alongside Al-Shabaab as child soldiers in Puntland were tried by military courts.

Somalia ratified the global Convention of the Rights of the Child in 2015.

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