Fourth round of electoral talks to kick off in Mogadishu Thursday

 President Mohamed Farmaajo is tomorrow hosting the Federal Member State leaders for a follow-up meeting on the ongoing electoral talks

A statement from Villa Somalia noted the president is inviting the FMS leaders for the fourth round of talks aimed at brokering the electoral stalemate as the country runs out of time for the upcoming elections.

“The President invites FMS Presidents and BRA Governor to convene in Mogadishu on Sep 10th for a follow-up meeting on the recent Samareb3 agreement to ensure the aspirations of the leadership are captured to achieve timely and inclusive elections elections,” Villa Somalia director of communications Abdinur Mohamed said in a tweet.

The meeting follows the Dhusamareb 3 round which was boycotted by Ahmed Madobe of Jubbaland and his Puntland counterpart Abdullahi Deni.

Both Deni and Madobe have been in Mogadishu for over a week now and are reported to have pressured Farmaajo to include the other FMS leaders in the new round of talks.

Somalia is expecting to head to the polls November this year to elect new parliament and subsequently a new president in February next year.

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