Five-year-old girl raped in Mogadishu

In yet another case of sexual violation in Mogadishu, a five-year-old was Saturday raped in by a neighbour barely a week after two other cases were reported in the city.

A family in Fanaole village in Kaaran district said their daughter was taken in by a neighbour and raped in the midst of two other cases where a 10-year-old boy was sodomised and a 19-year-old teenager allegedly gang-raped.

According to the aunt of the victim who spoke to the media, members of the family responded when they heard the baby crying.’

“We went out to the man’s house and he threatened to kill us,” the aunt said adding the man fled thereafter.

Digfer Hospital confirmed the baby was raped and said she was undergoing treatment at the facility. There was no immediate comment from authorities.

The incident comes a week after a 10-year-old boy was sodomised by armed men in an IDP camp in Shangani district barely a day after a woman identified as Hamdi Mohamed aged 19 was allegedly gang-raped in a hotel in Waberi district.

Five men who were accused by police were later released by a court after it said they may have been misidentified. Seven other suspects are being held by police.

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